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Ai Master Trader Bot 1-Year Subscription

Trade using your own Binance account (100% risk-free)

You must do the following:

Sign up using the referral ID of the AI Master Trader's Binance account: 270366024

If you already have a Binance account, you must create a new one to activate the AI Bot. You can use a new name with the details of a family member or trusted relative, or

You can delete your existing Binance account by clicking the DELETE button ( and sign up again with your own details in Binance using the AI Master Trader's referral link ( or referral ID. Then, you can deposit funds using your BTC wallet address.

The AI Master Trader uses the following trading pairs:





The minimum deposit is 0.01 BTC - 1.00 BTC.

Don't miss this exciting opportunity to trade using your own Binance account with the help of the AI Master Trader. Sign up now and start making profitable trades today!

Get 10,000 ECOMM TOKEN for FREE

How to get my ECOMM TOKEN?

After processing your payment, contact our customer support to request a guide and assistance with your order.

Download the Trustwallet or Metamask app from the Play Store and follow the instructions below.

For Metamask:

Watch this video to learn how to add the BNB Smart Chain network:

Network name: Smart Chain


Chain ID: 56

Symbol: BNB

Block Explorer URL:

For Trustwallet:

Watch this video to learn how to add the BNB Smart Chain network:

After setting up your Trustwallet or Metamask BNB Smart Chain network, follow the next steps:

Open your Metamask or Trustwallet app.

For Metamask scroll down the app and tap or click "Import Token" and input the following details:

Token address: 0xfb6208064693F1ed0f75498AEAC32555c3D692dd

Token symbol: ECOMM

Token of Precision: 18

Then, tap or click "Import".

For Trustwallet: scroll down the app, tap "Add Tokens", tap the + icon, or paste the contract address of the ECOMM token (0xfb6208064693F1ed0f75498AEAC32555c3D692dd). Make sure to change the network from Ethereum to BNB Smart Chain network. Then, enter the following details:

Symbol: ECOMM

Decimal: 18

Tap "Done".

For more information about the ECOMM token, visit the website: Get your free ECOMM token now and start using it in the BNB Smart Chain network.


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After Process Payment your Order PM or Chat Support Ticket to Ask for a Guide & Assist with your Order.

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